03 April 2010

So, where was I?

Rainbow Curlicue

It's been a while - didn't make 12 sweaters last year but did get a good bit of knitting done. I just added a couple of finished projects on Ravelry - both shawls. I don't expect to become a frequent blogger but do want to do more to use this as a tool for documenting my work.

20 January 2009

Aloha President Obama!

In a January 2 article in the Washington Post, Hawaii's influence on our new President was discussed.  The article talks about the aloha spirit, and it provides an alternative interpretation of the word as well: "aloha is also sometimes interpreted as an acronym for five words meaning kindness (akahai), unity (lokahi), agreeability (olu'olu), humility (ha'aha'a) and patience (ahonui)."

I love these five ideas - think about how this world would be different if we each practiced them just a little bit more!  I'm glad President Obama is bringing them to the White House.

15 January 2009

WIP Update

I took pictures of some works in progress and got them uploaded to Ravelry today. My hope is to get my current works more active and then I can work backwards as necessary to get my Ravelry page more complete. Here's a short summary...for details click the Ravelry links above the progress bars on the right.

Denim Eskimo

denim eskimo 2

This first photo is good for color. In the second you can see the buttons I found at JoAnn's - they're a perfect match!

denim eskimo

It's such fun to work with bulky yarn - progress moves so quickly!


My new trick here is knitting two sleeves in the round on one long circular needle. I used the technique in Melissa Morgan Oakes' sock book and just cast on cuffs for sleeves rather than cuffs for top down socks. Now that they're long enough, I've tied the cuffs closed and the balls of yarn are each inside their sleeves.

CeCe Sleeves

The body is coming together well, too...the color is more accurate in this body photo, too.

CeCe body

Philosopher's Wool Tartan Jacket

This is my third 12 sweaters project going right now - the color is good in this photo and it's fun to watch the pattern grow. I'm working on sleeve two now.

tartan jacket sleeve

04 January 2009

Meet Lucy and Maud

These are the feline members of our family - they're about 8 months old and have been with us since August 2008.  They're named for Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of the Anne of Green Gables series. 


Lucy is all black; Maud has a bit of white.  

I posted the photos in the prior entry from my computer by uploading them to Blogger.  The photo of Lucy and Maud is from Flickr - I'm learning!

New Start for 2009

I've used my week at home to reorganize my stash - it really is an embarrassment of riches!  I've got a sizeable sale or trade bundle I'll post on Ravelry and/or Knitlist Ads later in the week.  In the meantime, here are a few photos...

Two "before" photos - the guest room as the studio was emptied into it.

During - cable ties are my friend with wire mesh cubes.

For the first time in a long time, I know what I have.  There wasn't nearly as much repetition as I'd feared - that was a happy discovery.  I can also walk freely in my studio as the yarn is in the room itself (fabric is in the closet - that's a whole separate challenge for another time!)  It's a good thing.  

Here's the after photo ...

Most valuable commodity - the empty bin!*

Much of the yarn to sell or trade - this box is about 24 inches on a side and more was added after this photo!

*The astute among you will notice some rearrangement from the after photo to get to the empty bin - I'm allowed to do that so I can show off the empty space I created!

02 January 2009

Plans and Goals

It's been such fun to work through my stash - yarn is done except for sock & lace and I'm working on fiber now - and begin to plan for 12 sweaters.  In reading blogs, one of the things I realize is that it can be helpful to have projects going at large and small gauges.  I have 2 sweaters in progress at fairly small gauge and heavy thought right now - a philosopher's wool fair isle and a bamboo lace.  I rediscovered a lovely yarn yesterday (Classic Elite Paintbox in denim-y shades of blue) which will be perfect for the larger gauge Drops Eskimo jacket (pattern 103-1).  I think I'll start that over the weekend and then I have 3 sweaters in 3 very different styles going and my goal is to finish all of them by the end of March.  I'll start a new one each time I finish one and that means I'll have a colorwork, a lace/patterned knit, and a fairly plain sweater going at all times - that variety should be helpful. 

I have a fairly complete yarn database on my computer and haven't put stash into Ravelry because I can't just upload my spreadsheet as a starting point.   My Ravelry goal will be to enter all WIPs during January and to keep current with the sweaters.  Maybe then I'll learn to use my Ravelry status for projects to keep progress bars on this blog.  

Pictures come first, pictures come first, pictures come first - feel sorry for any readers who may discover you and be quickly bored by all text!  

You'll note I did learn to add a button - for Knitters without Borders.  I decided that one of my actions based on my resolutions would be to be more intentional about my charitable contributions and I'm starting here.  Feel free to click to learn more and contribute if you wish.  

01 January 2009

Happy 2009!

I'm still thinking through how I want this blog to work but had some help this week from Donna at Random Knits . . . she suggested three goals for 2009 rather than a list of specific resolutions:

Appreciate more

Acquire less

Aspire higher

I like this - I can remember this short list and use it to guide my actions in the new year both personally and professionally.  

This week has found me unexpectedly at home alone.  I'm using the time to appreciate my stash by sorting, organizing, fondling, and enjoying it - preparation for 12 sweaters in the next 365 days.  I've taken a few pictures - I'll learn to post them for the next installment here at delanoknits.